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A selection of ongoing projects

Project - Asotin Creek

Asotin Creek IMW, Southeast Washington

Effectiveness & Efficiency in LWD Restoration

PAL restoration structure asotin creek washington

Since 2008, ELR has been working with the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board and its partners in southeast Washington on the Asotin Creek Intensively Monitored Watershed project. Intensive land use has caused literally thousands of river miles to be in a severe LWD deficit. This project was designed to test whether High Density LWD (HDLWD) restoration could be used to improve threatened and endangered salmonid habitat over large spatial scales.

Select ELR publications from the Asotin Creek IMW

Bear Creek, Wheeler County, Oregon

Restoration of Perennial Flow in High - Desert Streams

bear creek oregon beaver based restoration eco logical research

A collaborative restoration and monitoring effort between ELR, the Wheeler County Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. This project was designed to test the effectiveness of using beaver based restoration as a means to restore perennial streamflow in steelhead rearing streams.

Project - Bear Creek
Project - Cutthroat Trout

Bridge Creek IMW, Oregon

Partnering with Beaver to Restore Steelhead Habitat

Habitat complexity and riparian expansion through beaver restoraton on Bridge Creek
Impacts of beaver on steelhead / redband trout habitat

For over a decade, ELR has collaborated with NOAA Fisheries in the design, implementation, and monitoring of an ecosystem level experiment in fisheries habitat restoration. The restoration methods and long-term monitoring data collected by ELR have become a model for the development of cost-efficient and effective restoration practices now being implemented  throughout the Northwest.

Select Bridge Creek publications from ELR

Project - Bridge Creek

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