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Eco Logical Research, Inc. specializes in applying ecological principles to provide watershed assessments, survey designs, and riverscape restoration for biota and their habitat. With offices in Logan Utah, Bend Oregon, and Moscow Idaho, our focus for the past 20 years has been mainly on anadromous and resident salmonid management in tributaries and mainstems of the Columbia, Snake, and Klamath River Basins. ELR understands that your next research, restoration, or monitoring project should tell a story, and we want to help you tell it. 

About ELR

eco logical research watershed assessment

Whether you need to characterize fish populations or habitat in a stream reach or an entire stream network, ELR has the tools and approaches necessary to optimize how resources are invested in recovery and restoration planning.

eco logical research beaver based stream restoration

Stream Restoration

 ELR has been a leader in the development of restoration approaches that are easy on the landscape, low-cost, and process based. Our approach involves improving the maximum amount of river miles for your restoration dollar.

Intelligent Data Solutions

With a diverse team of natural resource professionals, ELR offers an array of services that can be leveraged to design and execute your next project


At ELR, we believe the data capture and management should fit your project, reporting, and analytical needs. We specialize in development of custom field data capture and management solutions that promote instant project insights and easy reporting.

eco logical research iPad field data collection app

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